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The Cisco Kidd
@TetraNinja, yes the HDFury is a good product my brother got on to them about 7 yrs ago. I am in a bind debating whether I buy a new HT receiver for so I can view 2160 4K 60hz via pass though or via my Pioneer SC-67 Elite which is a 20212 receiver. It came with HDCP 2.0 not 2.2 so now I am unable to pass thru 4K 60hz and do not get the latest Atmos and such so the Fury Vertex will solve but at its cost I can pay a tad more and get a new AVR.
Comment from : The Cisco Kidd

Mike AKA Patches
So is it like the M-classic which takes lower resolution signals and smoothly Upscales them to1440p and does anti-aliasing?
Comment from : Mike AKA Patches

Brannon Buettner
I have an LG Oled TV and a direct tv 4k Geenie. Every time I turn on the tv/ w direct tv, I'm getting a message stating my tv does not support the content, switch to component cables. It is not the hdmi cables. After reading several forums, I gather it could be a handshaking issue. ppl are saying to use a device such as this one or a monoprice blackbird pro to convert 2.2 to 1.4. Do you think this would be the correct device to get if it is a handshaking issue? All software has been updated on devices and this is a last resort to try. Again the problem happens only when turning the components on. when I change channels several times/ and or switching to the direct tv guide, it will start working with no further problems until I turn tv off and back on. So, its on start up. if I turn just tv on and wait a while before turning the direct tv on, it works.
Comment from : Brannon Buettner

Question: Do I need a 4K tv for this to work.
Comment from : supaaaafly

Travis Murray
R U KIDDING ME? @TetraNinja ?? This review was HORRIBLE. I can't believe this guy gets a $400 product to do a 7min review where he basically doesnt say anything informative, nor does he ACTUALLY USE THE F*** EQUIPMENT. I was interested mainly in seeing it in action, can it rip rentals (granted you have a capture card), etc, but no just talks about how great it is... GOOD LORD, where do they get these unworthy reviewers to get free shit all the time??? Fuck, let me do a review and get free shit... itll be 10x better then this guys' review and it will actually educate and stimulate potential customers for an amazing product this guy is clearly not worthy for and should have had to PAY FOR IT.
Comment from : Travis Murray

asdrd ajiveb
Is this going to improve the output signal from my PC video card nVidia GTX 1070ti ti my input - OLED 4k TV? I know that my OLED have better video processor and the TV can pre-process the video files through the USB input far better than my PC.
Comment from : asdrd ajiveb

If anyone is looking to use this in an ARC setup I advice against it. While it is suppose to support ARC a full day of HDFury's customer service coudn't help me get it to work. I ended up returning mine.
Comment from : TheMarUlberg

great vid. i found this device a while back. i was looking for a solution related to gaming and this solved that. im wondering now if it will pass through g sync
Comment from : Untouchable771

Jordan Leiva
Hey there! Just got a decent deal on one of these and I really enjoyed your video. If you have two devices plugged up, how will it know which one to output? Meaning if you have a PS4 PRO and an XBOX ONE X plugged in, how will the device know which one to output?

Thanks again! I really appreciate it.

Comment from : Jordan Leiva

Honest Insincerity 2
Fuckin HDCP. Between that and EDID, I hate troubleshooting digital signals so much. It's all bullshit 1s and 0s and yet, unless the source and sink were made for each other, they never fuckin work. Vertex is the one device that actually makes it easy to manipulate those protocols.
Comment from : Honest Insincerity 2

X x gazthe1 x X
What model number is this ?
Comment from : X x gazthe1 x X

GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks
I had a different picture of you in my mind. Lol. Your face and your voice don't match.
Comment from : GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks

Adhi Suryana
Your God Of War walkthrough is one of the best in Youtube, thanks for bringing high-quality walkthrough Nick
Comment from : Adhi Suryana

Nikitovia Plasmata
Tetra ninja you have a very good Chanel pleasy subscribe to my Chanel
Comment from : Nikitovia Plasmata

Cheese Idiot XD
Hey Nick i heard this year The Walking Dead Season 4 will come out,I just wanna know if you will play the game (I dont expect a reply tbh)
Comment from : Cheese Idiot XD

s r k
Can you Finish RDR in 4k please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : s r k

Asande Maphumulo
Nick please play Detroit when it comes out
Comment from : Asande Maphumulo

Hey, I was wondering how you decide what games you play? Do you take requests for games? Would you be interested in more humorous light-hearted stuff? They're a few games I thought you might be interested in. They're pretty obscure games though, so I don't know if you'd be interested. But they're all from Telltale games, their early days. If you do play them, make sure you have a walkthrough on hand, because the puzzles are pretty confusing. I'd like to at least see your reaction to the trailers:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK0_dFFGd8o - (Note: This is the trailer from season 2)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnMwj7FuHNA - (Note: This game's my favorite!!! Only watch until gameplay starts!!!) :)

Comment from : Zach

Markus R
It's inaccurate to say that the Vertex strips HDCP, it doesn't. It can only convert HDCP versions, e.g. 2.2 to 1.4 and vice versa. They (LegendSky) were sued by Warner Bros and DCP two years ago and the charges were dropped because of this distinction. Also, there are HDMI splitters/switches that actually strip HDCP 2.2 like the cheap ones that strip HDCP 1.4, but they don't support 18gbps bandwidth. On the old hdfury website, while the court case was going on they made a post called "The Biggest HDCP2.2 Stripclub on Earth" and listed a bunch of splitters on amazon.com that stripped HDCP 2.2 and wrote something akin to "if anyone should be sued for selling HDCP stripping devices, it's amazon". The post isn't available on archive.org sadly.
Comment from : Markus R

Nikhil jalan
Tetra.. You miss God Of War Infinity Gauntlet Easter Eggs.
Comment from : Nikhil jalan

Abdul Muhaimin
HDCP is High-bandwidth Definition Content Protection in algorithm
I've saw watch Techquickie video

Comment from : Abdul Muhaimin

Dave Fowler
I love HDFury Products they may cost a few extra $$$ but are well worth it i have a HDFury 3 & 2- HDFury 4S's on my Pioneer Elite Pro 720 RPTV and now am thinking about a HDFury Vertex as i also have a LG 4K tv
Comment from : Dave Fowler

Elemino Musgrove
I guess that's what happens when you have 1.7 Million subscribers... I asked them about 2 years ago to review this device on my tech channel, and their reply was they weren't looking for tech reviews. womp womp...

and btw, I stream at 4K... look at my sports channel #Champs. lol

Comment from : Elemino Musgrove

Tim Magnus
Cool vid dude, keep it going!
Comment from : Tim Magnus

Kenny Wu
Is that a studio c shirt?
Comment from : Kenny Wu

Where did you pick up that Kaiba?
Comment from : P.A.N.D.E.M.O.N.I.U.M.

Oh yeah it just works.
Comment from : MAD

Nic or anyone really I have a question and that is, I can't seem to stream 4k videos on my MAC computer without it buffering every 30 seconds. I was wondering is that my internet provider or is there something I can get to enable it to stream on my device without the buffering. I'm at a very low base of knowledge on all this tech, but yeah if you or anyone can genuinely help would be awesome. Btw great vid :)
Comment from : BrizLionGooner

Shiladitya Talukder
What is the usual size of a 20 min video in 4K?
Comment from : Shiladitya Talukder

My question is ... can someone with a lower powered computer Windows 7+ still use it or do you need a monster of a pc to be able to handle it ? Cause I want 4K but like I have a terrible pc and I barely can handle 720p without 5 hours or so of rendering ...

Plus I have Xbox one S and not X so I don’t have 4K and I was thinking I should just stick with my Elgato standard (yes the first one lol)

As far as compression can Handbrake handle 4K videos to create a replica to upload that’s a smaller upload file ?

Or do you get around that with monster internet speeds ?

So much to ask with so little time

Comment from : Frapucheno

Rodolfo Sandoval
wait so whats wrong with the elgato 4k
Comment from : Rodolfo Sandoval

Tremayne Culton
What games would u recommend
Comment from : Tremayne Culton

Rutvij Gonla
Im ur great fan....
Comment from : Rutvij Gonla

jeff calder
What is your tattoo
Comment from : jeff calder

Victor C
I'm excited about your next videos nic as in what game you will play next I like your work ethic on uploading, but I know if you upload a lot you might take some time off at least I remember that being the old school nic,it should be warming up in Canada for you that's great that winter is not 12 months a year.
Comment from : Victor C

Moses Jonson
£256.53 for HDFURY VERTEX
Comment from : Moses Jonson

Victor C
Your catching up to ghostrobo nic he is almost at 1.9 million subs,I remember when 1080p was the big thing now 4k amazing, the 2020s are going to be badass.
Comment from : Victor C

ben martix
Have you ever used YouTube gaming!?
Comment from : ben martix

ben martix
Hey you most have given other type of video, but its better, I mind, I'm not have a good idea, hahaha its funny
I like your video
You most have given more like this 😇😇😇
I know I can speak very good
My own language is Spanish

Comment from : ben martix

Deep Singh
I am very Big fan of u tetra ninja 🇧 🇪 🇸 🇹 online streaming in WORLD
Comment from : Deep Singh

Rahshane Wallace
I'm 2 minutes late
Comment from : Rahshane Wallace

1 comment
Comment from : NoLongerToxic

Aniket and shyam DANCE
Pc games
Comment from : Aniket and shyam DANCE

Countless Gamer7
I’m first like and view
Comment from : Countless Gamer7

Comment from : theadwarf

McFlurryZ '
Comment from : McFlurryZ '

Sanderdino 123
Comment from : Sanderdino 123

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