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If my receiver does not support ARC on HDMI OUT but my TV does on one of the HDMI INs, will I be able to connect the TV ARC HDMI IN to the receivers HDMI IN and get sound from TVs built-in applications like Amazon and Youtube? Crazy thought but just don't like connecting TV to receiver via optical and get lesser quality sound.
Comment from : SaminPK

Space Cadet
One of the best video explanations on YouTube. You rock! Subscribed.
Comment from : Space Cadet

Yumpin Yiminy
Nice job. We have to keep upgrading equipment and the new equipment gets really expensive to support all of the formats. Just like the newer cars and when this stuff breaks it's $$$$ to repair if you can find a repair shop.
Comment from : Yumpin Yiminy

Damian Shameer
This was excellent....I'm not an confused as I was 8.21 minutes ago. Great content...I'm a subscriber now!
Comment from : Damian Shameer

I am so confused ... i just want to connect my Yamaha receiver to my Samsung tv to get some more volume... currently I have have teeny tiny speakers that will be hung on caking ... I don’t have sound at but plan to in the future.. but in the meantime I want to learn how to set these three up... everyone that I speak to gives me different advise... I currently have optical on my receiver our to tv... and an hdmi to my 2nd port because the first hdmi and hooked up to prime amazon ... I forgot to mention another person said I needed a dad player so the dvd is connected to tv with composite five wires ( blue, green, red, white and red) now I don’t know where to connect the five speakers so I connect three into the receiver and two into the dvd ... it’s all a hot mess ... please advise
Comment from : HARMONY TRAN

Kamil Łysik
look on this only today 20% cheaper offer for Vizio www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwTtmtGP2KM
Comment from : Kamil Łysik

David Tepper
I just purchased a brand new LG OLED 65 C9 with Atmos from Costco and looking at Vizio 5.1.2 soundbar which also supports Atmos. Should I use the HDMI 2.0 cable in the ARC port? Someone at BestBuy yesterday said TOS Optical is better than HDMI 2.0 through ARC, which does not sound correct. I'm only using the Native streaming apps on the TV thus far and do not plan to use other a/v source devices at this time. Thanks!
Comment from : David Tepper

Master Programmer
Ah HDCP... when you get a better service from piratebay than from a genuine blueray. I really hope DRM content will be killed very soon.
Comment from : Master Programmer

Jin Kazama
Comment from : Jin Kazama

Fantastic stuff, Chris. Very clear explanations, and explained in very economical ways. I have subbed. Many thanks.
Comment from : drutgat2

Mike Burson
My problem is I’m using a older stereo receiver and it’s just rca hookups. I have a surround sound receiver running a lazar fiber optic for my sound but I’m trying to get audio from my ps4 to my old receiver but my only option is hdmi. I need a hdmi cable with both the male ends and have the 2 rca audio cables coming from the same hdmi cable. What can I use or what are the colors for the audio inside the hdmi cable?
Comment from : Mike Burson

Awesome man! Thank you so much.
Comment from : UNKPCRIDE

Miguel Salazar
Question I have a blackweb home theater system where is the arc connection in that system could you please find out and let me know please thanks I appreciate it.
Comment from : Miguel Salazar

Anthony Lee
Thank you for the info!
Comment from : Anthony Lee

Ricardo Bastos
I have a logitech z906 connected to my PC via Toslink SPDIF. My PC MB is Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe and the onboard audio have 7.1 channels of analog audio and SPDIF Optical. My logitech reciver have Coaxial SPDIF in, Optical SPDIF in and the analog SUB/CENTER, REAR, FRONT. Also my MB have DTS Connect. What's the best way to connect it to get true 5.1 surround in both games and movies? Thanks :)

Comment from : Ricardo Bastos

What is arc
Comment from : Naarem2

D Gillies
congratulations this is the first youtube video i have to slow down to catch everything most of them need to be sped up !!!
Comment from : D Gillies

BlackCat 56
what brand and model of receiver do you like for around $600. 7.2.
Comment from : BlackCat 56

Larry Tate
I have a 2017 samsung 4K tv. I recently got a Yamaha entry level sound bar, the 108. I hooked it up with the included optical cable and it worked well. Would I gain any quality by switching it to hdmi 2.1 cable I have? I briefly tried to hook it up with my hdmi cable and it didn’t work, I got no sound. But maybe I needed to mess with it more. Idk. But is there any point in trying the hdmi 2.1 again or should I stay with the optical cable?
Comment from : Larry Tate

Tim Matthews
Hey I need help. Lol I've always been the go to guy when it comes to installing or hooking up the latest gear. I've recently just overhauled my entire entertainment system. New TV, new receiver, new HDMI Ethernet cables. However I want to continue using my XBox to run all my video. Recently I've noticed a few issues with sound and switching from say a game to a movie. I have some maybe quick questios about making sure I am using the proper cables in the correct way. Oh and to throw a wrench in the mix. I also use a movie projector on special occasions that is also tied in to the AV receiver. As far as I know all of my devices are new and support Dolby atmos and are 4k to 8k. Whenever you get around to reading this, please dm me or respond and I can send pictures or explain maybe a bit better. Thanks.
Comment from : Tim Matthews

валентин шелонцев
ребята подскажите как получить долби атмос .есть телик 4к есть рес пионер (7/1 hdmu без arc )что мне нужно для построения долби атмос чтоб не тратить много денег.понятно что можно купить новый ресивер ,а есть другие варианты?
Comment from : валентин шелонцев

валентин шелонцев
на русском бы такой канал
Comment from : валентин шелонцев

abi prates
Comment from : abi prates

Fonz Aguirre
Which one would you recommend of the HDCP 2.2 hdmi splitter for Sony receiver multi channel av receiver STR-DH750 if I have to?
Thanks a million!

Comment from : Fonz Aguirre

Can a optical cable transmit 24bit/192kHz Flac format from a pc to a external DAC?
I heard that it’s limited to only 24bit/48kHz

Comment from : CHAOUKI Fouad

At my somewhat advanced age, I've settled in with 1080p video and 7.2 audio and I'm DONE upgrading for good. Just wanted to see what's out there now and if I might be missing out on something good. Sound from the ceiling? Pass. 4K video that might be marginally better but only up close on a very large screen? Pass. I'm not starting over again for HDCP 2.2 capability, I've already got some movies on 4 different formats, and most modern entertainment that takes full advantage of the new capability is complete trash anyway. Enough already!
Comment from : DFDalton1962

got your self another sub, thanks for this
Comment from : OllieW501

I need a high quality 4k 5.1 surround sound system for my PS4 and for the PS5 (when it releases) Something in the $500-$700 range that supports both DTS and Dolby.
Comment from : AbsoluteMMA101

I keep losing video when I connect firestick to Samsung soundbar. Can you help.
Comment from : mlw1968

Brian Jordan
Very informative! Thanks!!
Comment from : Brian Jordan

very informative, thx
Comment from : iamcasinoroyal

John Gordon Norris
But. What if the TV, and Soundbar are both connected to the Wi- FI router/ Modem? What connects to what and Where? ( I'm 75 y. o. And Disabled too. HELP PLEASE........
Comment from : John Gordon Norris

justin persad
Son is shook🎶🎵..... There ain't no such things as halfway crooks
Comment from : justin persad

Crazy prayingmantis
My receiver only displays video through HDMI it's HDMI audio passthrough.
So how do I go about connecting an Xbox so I get DTS or Dolby 5.1?

Should I connect Xbox via optical to receiver or to tv?
HDMI from Xbox to tv?

Comment from : Crazy prayingmantis

Wow, that covered everything I was confused about and more !
Comment from : linandy1

Hi can anyone help? Is there a way of having the sound come out of the receiver and TV without an echo? Thanks in advance
Comment from : beetleguese1209

Rolf Mörtzell
Thanks for great explainations! I still need help how to connect my stuff to get sound from Samsung TV Q60R to the Reciever, Yamaha R-XV465, when using apps in TV, for example YouTube? Do I need an optical cable for this? You said a HDCP HDMI 2.2 splitter would do? How do I connect it? The sound is ok watching TV/DVD/AppleTV having selected HDMI#2/#1/#3 on the Receiver. Here is my set-up:

TV, Samsung Q60R: Connnected between HDMI IN (ARC) on TV backpanel to HDMI OUT on R-XV645
Receiver, Yamaha R-XV465 .
DVD, Pioner DV-420-V-S. Connnected to HDMI#1 (BD/DVD) on R-XV645
IPTV via VIP Arris 1113 Compact IP Set-Top: Connnected to HDMI#2 on R-XV645
AppleTV, 3:rd generation. Connected to HDMI#3 on R-XV465.


Comment from : Rolf Mörtzell

Tiziano Versace
I love listening music than watching movie.so which is better buy a soundbar or home theatre?
Comment from : Tiziano Versace

dolores delano
Thanks Chris.
Comment from : dolores delano

Mark Arnott
Comment from : Mark Arnott

King Sledge
hi, I have an Onkyo 9.2 receiver and just purchased an LG nano cell but unfortunately, I cannot get my ARC to work. there is no sound and both Onkyo and LG customer service cannot figure why after several troubleshoots and right now am forced to get sound just through optical and now am missing out on quality true HD sound and atmos. they said they have had several customers that own LG new TVs and Onkyo receiver specifically complain about this problem. please help me with your expertise. thanks
Comment from : King Sledge

I still use my old marantz 7.1 sr7500 receiver from 2006. It still sounds unbelievable. I don’t care about not having hdmi hookup
Comment from : Kevinb1821

James Kastner
Great video sir. I had to use a gofanco prophecy hdmi splitter that supports HDCP2.2 because my receiver only supported HDCP 2.1. That splitter saved me from having to buy another Denon. Thanks for the video
Comment from : James Kastner

garrett tedeman
Really good stuff & nice coverage of several tricky topics!
Comment from : garrett tedeman

Charlie Howard
Does any of these setups support 4k streaming without a blu ray player?
Comment from : Charlie Howard

t watson
I want to hook up a receiver and a soundbar to my 4k samsung and be able to switch between them as I see fit and also have the dvd player able to use both options also. How do i accomplish this.
Comment from : t watson

Ken Collins
holy shit,your explaination in such a short period of time covered so much....you nailed it Majestech........ i just bought a new 65in samsung UHD 4K tv and i set it up to my yamaha 7.2 receiver and used the HDMI ARC and it sounds like im at a movie theatre,and thats exactly what i wanted to achieve.thank you and happy new year to you and your family...kenny from brampton,ont
Comment from : Ken Collins

Anthony gutierrez
That was very informative helpful
Comment from : Anthony gutierrez

Turi Larson
How do I connect the JBL 5.1 sound bar to a pioneer VSX-534 receiver. The woofer is Blue tooth but will not connect and I do not know where to connect the hdmi cable from the sound bar to the receiver. I connected the blue ray player, Apple TV, and cable provider into the receiver and hooked the optical out from the tv to the receiver BUT cannot get the sound bar or speakers to work. The instructions show to connect the sound bar to the tv. But I think it should connect to the receiver . There are no speaker connections on the sound bar. If you can help it would be so appreciated. Frustrated!
Comment from : Turi Larson

Sam Kolade
Comment from : Sam Kolade

Khalid Almujaidel
Can I use hdcp splitter with streaming app in my tv and audio system dolby atmos
Comment from : Khalid Almujaidel

Monique Sers
This video was very helpful, but I am still having issues. I have a new soundbar that only has an optical output, so I was able to plug into cable box as my TV doesn't have an optical port. I also have a firestick, but would love to have that sound come through the soundbar as well. I got an optical converter, but that didn't work. Do you have any suggestions?
Comment from : Monique Sers

HDCP, finding new ways to screw over legit customers every day.
Comment from : ukpauliogazzio

I feel like so many reviewers glaze over the basics, assuming that everyone already knows. It's so this way when trying to look on audiophile sites to find the best speakers, headphones, or Soundbars. My head just start spinning. Thank you for starting with the basics and keeping it easy to understand. Really interested in Yamaha's MusicCast 400.
Comment from : lockergr

Don McCollough
With vintage stereo equipment, I will definitely need to diversify! 😁 What do you have for someone like me....other than blowing it up and starting from scratch??
Comment from : Don McCollough

Steven Lightner
Excellent video, thank you!
Comment from : Steven Lightner

Murat Tuncer
Thank you Sır... I solved our optical sound cable problem your helps.. Thank you so much again. 👍👋
Comment from : Murat Tuncer

Mitch Jarvis
I'm an audio noob and this really helped clear up some of the things I was looking for. I definitely need to step up my audio system after watching this lol
Comment from : Mitch Jarvis

When a video is less than 10 minutes long and you are able to give all that information in that span I give you a two thumbs way up! Good work my friend!
Comment from : Gaber1983

Daan Dekkers
I recently got a budget soundbar of the brand Salora & wasn't able to get sound out of it. Now i know the issue at hand & don't have to rely on what customer service or sales people tell me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
Comment from : Daan Dekkers

Amar Nath
superb explanation
thanks lot

Comment from : Amar Nath

Erika Fisher
I have 2 old-school Fisher speakers. What is the best way to hook them to a new samsung 7 series tv?
Comment from : Erika Fisher

Michael Sass
Great video! Helped understand more! I am trying to add an Xbox One X into our kids lounge system. 4K TV, 4K HDMI cable to a 5.1 panasonic home theatre (SC-PT 460). The issue is the home theatre only has one HDMI out connection. The Xbox has the 2 HMDI points where I should be able to connect to the home theatre, but alas there is no HDMI in! I need to have the audio through the home theatre for when Xbox plays bluray. Do I need HDMI to audio converter in this instance?
Comment from : Michael Sass

Salman Shawqi
Do I need a AV receiver if I'm using
Samsung Q90R 7.1 soundbar
Xbox one X as a 4K bluRay player
In order to get the full experience of Dolby Atmos & DTS X ?

Comment from : Salman Shawqi

Elizabeth Manke
I’ve spent all night researching & watching YouTube videos after purchasing a 4K tv & sound bar as being a single woman I’m unfamiliar how this all works, or what things mean. I have to say you are by far THE most clear & easy to understand -& just most pleasant & enjoyable. Thank you for that! Some i couldn’t last past the first minute I thought I’d fall asleep lol But you are awesome. However I still feel a bit lost & I know it’s totally on me, because all of this is completely foreign to me. I did look & see that both the tv & sound bar have hdmi arc connection but I know you said that isn’t always the best. The sound bar comes with a premium optical cable as well. So that or hdmi arc? And do I need a 4K hdmi cable? (I’ve also seen so many videos on this but they are so unclear :( The only thing I have connected to my tv will be this sound bar-I also have 4K firestick but thinking it may not be necessary as tv comes w Roku. Could you help a totally ignorant -of -this -type -of -info girl out? 🙏🏼 It’s 2 am & I’ve seen so many videos & this is driving me crazy lol I need to know what to do to get this all set up on my own but am feeling more confused than ever despite trying to research all this. I can you specs of tv & sound bar if needed. (Put as the reply to this in case it helps. :) Would be so incredibly grateful for someone’s help! 🙂🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼
Comment from : Elizabeth Manke

Incredibly clear information, with none of that droning on that tends to be prevalent amongst most YouTube creators.
Comment from : TheÜberLord

Comment from : LRRPRangerGlenn

Will Boyd
And hey I enjoyed your video I have a question I picked up the Samsung curved 65 inch and I’m looking for a nice sound bar with Dolby Atmos what to do you suggest one on the high-end one on lower-end meaning different prices
Comment from : Will Boyd

Could we think one moment about this fact. the ppl who hold the copyrights, (the ones that like child porn) are calling this copy right protection (which is a hassle and extra cost for the consumer)_ HD ChildPorn.
Comment from : pitpotdeeerste

Stephen Clausen
Thank you! Worth listening to again. Nice tone and pitch in instructors voice. I usually use pitch and clarity of voice as huge factors. In this case, I actually may have learned some things!
Comment from : Stephen Clausen

richard sonaliya
thanks for info..
Comment from : richard sonaliya

Damon S Martin
I learned something tod6..Kudos
Comment from : Damon S Martin

James Blevins
Comment from : James Blevins

Fred Dawson
Been fighting with ARC for months, thanks for the clarification. Really tremendous public service !
Comment from : Fred Dawson

Michael Stulpin
Good job...you gave me what I needed...Thx
Comment from : Michael Stulpin

Jeff Bryner
Only the strong survive! Nice mobb deep in the back ground lol. I was like oh snap i haven't heard that song in awhile Haha
Comment from : Jeff Bryner

Aww bollocks then
Dolby Atmos this Dolby Atmos that, I think people should be made aware if you buy any kind of Dolby Atmos soundbar or AV/receiver to use through streaming you need to get yourself at least £1,000 TV (lg OLED 2017+ or other brand oled makers 2018 or newer) the only other option to receive Dolby Atmos would be through a Blu-ray player! and I don't think most people want to start buying discs!
The industry should be better regulated so people are not miss-informed or missguided

Comment from : Aww bollocks then

Man, I never heard of any of this anywhere. Thanks for the information. I'll save this for when I can grasp all this later.
Comment from : Dronus

david ouellette
Comment from : david ouellette

Michael Kellbach
Thanks for these thorough instructional videos !
Comment from : Michael Kellbach

Maximilian Riley
Audio tip for you and your next video ... decouple your audio monitors from your table and get them to the edge. the table is reflective and you will be getting much improved audio by moving the speakers to the edge of the table and putting them on islolation pucks like a set of iso acoustics pucks. another recommendation get your monitors on stands not on a tv. Love the video keep it up.
Comment from : Maximilian Riley

Rodney Essiam
how to connect samsung 6372 tv to home theater audio using AV cables
Comment from : Rodney Essiam

Hull Style Produtions Change the World
Im cheap and my old school equipment still works using av jacks no hdmi. Any help connecting with fire stick
Comment from : Hull Style Produtions Change the World

Victor Genao
I cant listen to what you're saying because im rapping to survival of the fittest >:v
Comment from : Victor Genao

Nino Nomad
awesome advice, especially pumping mobb deep in the back``
Comment from : Nino Nomad

Fred J.
Thank you for the great explanation!! Please explain something to me. I am getting a Sony 950G 4K with 4 ea. HDCP 2.2 HDMI inputs. My amp is an older Yamaha with NO HDMI inputs but does have Toslink inputs. The TV is rated with Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus. So, IF I can Only connect my tv to the amp via Toslink, I will NOT get Dolby Atomos, nor DTS sound out of my Klipsh speakers? So NOW I need a NEW amp? Thank you!
Comment from : Fred J.

sun set
Your explanation is fantastic. Nice and clear with a helpful detail pictures. I'm glad I'd found your channel. Thank you Now it's time for me to upgrade all my 15 years old electronic stuff.

Oh if I am in debt I will tell my wife to complain you 😩😂🤣🤣

Comment from : sun set

ima robot
Comment from : ima robot

Charlie Gorichanaz
Heya, I don't comment often, but this video was so well thought out compared to other videos I just watched, I have to say: Thanks!
Comment from : Charlie Gorichanaz

Jay Dee
automatic thumbs up off Mobb Deep beat...
Comment from : Jay Dee

Samuel Lambert
Great video, very informative! Thanks!
Comment from : Samuel Lambert

George H. Arnold IV
Excellent news
Comment from : George H. Arnold IV

Chris Batty
Hi: I have a Harman Kardon surround sound receiver hooked up to a smart tv with a hdmi high speed cable, and the video comes through fine but the sound stopped working? Do not know what to do next.
Comment from : Chris Batty

Grinning In Their Face
Here's an idea, put a fucking display port on a freaking tv...oh wait, common sense, they have none. Much simpler than all the different hdmi cables. All the major shit corporations made sure that would not happen years ago. Not by accident either.
Comment from : Grinning In Their Face

Love the survival of the fittest in the background bro!!!
Comment from : drock0876

Bibin Raj
Does the optical cable provide Dolby Atmos sound, mine sound bar doestnt hv the hdmi arc option. Expert reply pls
Comment from : Bibin Raj

Phillip Wooden
Answered every question I had about ARC in one short video. Thank you so much for the video.
Comment from : Phillip Wooden

Andrew Jurgens
Well done video and information! Thank you Sir!
Comment from : Andrew Jurgens

Great work !
Comment from : Wadagamebinmisin

Enchanting Roads
Comment from : Enchanting Roads

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