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Weapons of Mass Tech Discussion
Yo this is dope music and editing.
Comment from : Weapons of Mass Tech Discussion

PAIR of Sneakerheads
Too bad they don't make them anymore
Comment from : PAIR of Sneakerheads

component isn’t analog its also digital... composite is analog
Comment from : Scudmaster11

me: remembers playing Splatoon on my tiny old CRT
Comment from : Emil98

Dis Boi
My granny's got one of those at her farm. Now i know i can play on my XBox when i go there
Comment from : Dis Boi

Audio Gear
Pretty awesome. Have you compared this to commercial solutions such as jtech digital?
Comment from : Audio Gear

the amazing thing about a crt. Is tha tyou can game at 1280x720 and it'll look CRYSTAL clear and the performance will be amazing. The tech in CRT is different than LCD's ect.
No matter what resolution you choose, it will be clear.

Comment from : WoWzer

Alexander Ward
So i have an issue. I have a sony KVHR36 and when i try to save/write service menu settings eg.vsiz from 38 to 29 when i press mute then enter turn the tv off then on the settings are not saving. Any help would be great. Ive looken online to find some info on this with no luck. Also it seems the geometry is fine with ps2 via component but xbox 360 via hd component is zoomed same with xbox one. PerhPs its my cables. Although the 360 cable are legit microsoft ones
Comment from : Alexander Ward

XBOX Genesis XGT
Ahora creo que nesesito una TV crt
Comment from : XBOX Genesis XGT

Big Baby Blue Eyes
I got myself a big toshiba CRT, it's so crisp and bright compared to the Sceptre CRT I had before

only downside is I had to get a universal remote and hope it would work

Comment from : Big Baby Blue Eyes

Winged Assassin
washed out colors and a picture that isnt as sharp as an LED screen picture. so why would this be a better alternative to LED screens?
Comment from : Winged Assassin

jordan secrist
I had a crappy crt television growing up and I got an Xbox and after a few months of playing the Xbox on that tv it couldn’t produce pictures anymore. Some RadioShack dude told me it was because Xbox wasn’t meant to be played on an old lower resolution tv. As an adult I don’t know how much I trust that answer.
Comment from : jordan secrist

Objectified Cross
Actually there's a reason the new consoles only have HDMI. Basically the encryption used for copy-protection in movies now legally requires them to only support HDMI. This was done to close what they refer to as the "analog loop-hole". Their choices were basically only have HDMI. Make their own disc format (and drop all DVD and Blu-Ray support) or go completely disc-less.
Comment from : Objectified Cross

This TV has an HDMI port though...
Comment from : Ry

Ростислав Салабай
Your CRT has HDMI
Comment from : Ростислав Салабай

You can also buy a DTV Converter Box (A.K.A. Cablebox) to watch normal live TV since analog was cutten in more than 50 countries like mine ages ago only for 30€, ($30 in USA dollars).
Comment from : george9559

Aaron Smith
What is the name of this cable
Comment from : Aaron Smith

The crafti cabin Maldon
I love CRT
Comment from : The crafti cabin Maldon

Just Another Youtube Channel
Honestly as great as CRTs are, HD CRTs quite often aren’t as good as LCDs for modern games. Most modern games are built around LCD technology, so they don’t benefit as heavily from the colours and black levels of CRTs. HD CRTs also can’t handle as high resolutions or such fine details as an LCD, losing clarity.

I’m not gonna stop you from using a HD CRT for this though, it does look great. While it may not technically offer the best experience for the reasons above, it’s all up to enjoyment, as long as you are having fun then good for you.

Comment from : Just Another Youtube Channel

yeah Hdfury Rulezzzzzz. I'm so happy with te device's I buy on www.hdfury.eu and www.hdfury.de
Comment from : PlextorNL

Gonna have do it soon my HD. TV gonna die gonna use my Maganavox tv
Comment from : Xfurrywolfx

Looks beautiful. Rich colors and good picture.
Comment from : Bearcade

felipe antonio gallardo palacios
0 lag . 360.000 ms
Comment from : felipe antonio gallardo palacios

Eric Stein
Does your TV have HDMI?
By the way thanks for the awesome video.
I got a Sony HD CRT TV with an HDMI port. It totally jacks up the computer signal if you try to plug a pc into it. Looks awesome with DOOM (2016) though.

Comment from : Eric Stein

Tiger Monkey
CRT TVs are the king, man. I thought I was the only one who still loved using CRT TVs - and Ur right about them not getting enough love and credit. I play all my games and watch all my DVDs, Blu-rays & TV shows on my CRT. I have a 40 some inch Toshiba with a "fish lens" screen. I prefer it over HD and LCDs.

Thanks to Ur video, I now know there's a way to play my PS4 on my CRT and have great resolution. I recently got the PS4 & the converter boxes I've used all have fuzzy, mild to poor quality, but this HD Fury looks great. Plan on picking one up from their site. Thanks for the vid, man.

Comment from : Tiger Monkey

Swedish Socialist Workers' Republic
Its unfortunate that very few 1080i crt tv's made into the european market, most of them were just 576i scart. I personally i own a 32" crt with component input, which is rare to begin with, but does not accept any HD resolution. I would love to own a set like this but in the era of 4K i guess it makes no difference anymore.
Comment from : Swedish Socialist Workers' Republic

Duffy Sullivan
I finally retired my Sony XBR910 and HDFury for the Sony X900E. With 4k and HDR and a 49 inch screen it is definitely an upgrade. Colors are rich, and the detail in graphics is a huge upgrade. There is no noticable input lag or motion blur. The only area where CRT still wins is viewing angle and displaying deepest blacks.
Comment from : Duffy Sullivan

Bob Anderson
I have a Sony trinitron HD CRT almost like the one you have. I have my PS3 hooked up. HDMI to DVI. The main PS3 menu looks curved at the edges. What could cause this? Thank you in advance.
Comment from : Bob Anderson

Strong Bull
I own the same TV, I must ask you, do you own life of pi on bluray and if so do you find it colours look dull on your kvhr36m31? Other blurays look fine though.
Comment from : Strong Bull

The HDCRT of all HDCRT's is the

Sony Qualia Q015-KX36

Comment from : DarklingGolem

Joshua Paul
I love HD crts but this YouTube channel is lame as fuck lol. Its just awful.b I love how great the colors look on your crt tv! You cant get colors like that on an LCD (even tho im watching your tv on my LCD). Get some better content. This is almost as bad as "The almighty HD CRT" lol. You are showing people that you can buy a digital to analog adapter? WOW!
Comment from : Joshua Paul

Your video introduced me to hdfury. Bought the cable. Doesn't work with ps4, even set to 480p and external power supply. Same tv... BUT! These tvs will do rgbhv, so that's my next step. I'm glad the xbox one works though.
Comment from : MrDrewseph

abhijai dogra
Please make windows 10 on cry video.
Comment from : abhijai dogra

Sal Nation
there was just something warm and inviting about old CRT gaming and movies, kinda like sitting in front of a comfy and cozy fire while you nod off :)
Comment from : Sal Nation

Seminole Gamer
They no longer sell them on their website. =(
Comment from : Seminole Gamer

Just Another Youtube Channel
But can it do 1080p?
Comment from : Just Another Youtube Channel

My big screen crt tv has hdmi
Comment from : Jvogel2112

Alpha Octav
I had a samsung 5:4 analogue monitor. Even with adapters on my nvidia gtx 1060 6gb, the monitor couldn't even pass the no signal screen. it was a high refresh rate monitor, I really liked it.
Comment from : Alpha Octav

Comment from : EM

Retro Fan
I have an adapter to use my Xbox One X on component and composite but the lighting looks awful in games like BF1 due to the over use of bloom lighting. :( But when I had an adapter to use on my crt vga monitor it looked fine except fitting a 16x9 image into 4:3 due to the Xbox One not supporting multiple resolutions which the Xbox 360 does. :(
Comment from : Retro Fan

Joe Whitlow
Did you have to change the xbox settings to 720p or 1080i? I know these crts don't do 1080p
Comment from : Joe Whitlow

HDCP compatible?
Comment from : lamboa7x

i am trying to find a hd crt but i can't find one i live in canada
Comment from : Mani

eric shun
He looks like Matt smith
Comment from : eric shun

I want to say that not only are modern consoles designed for flat panel LCDs, but typically these CRTs have digital processes in order to actually display digital signals so add lag. In short, this has no purpose
Comment from : pdog

Vinny V
You should make a video of you using previous gen consoles like the 360 and PS3 on this beast of a CRT. I want to know how good the picture looks, if there is any input lag because apparently these HD CRTs use digital processing which cause input/display lag.
Comment from : Vinny V

Vinny V
I read that most CRTs including HD CRTs only do interlaced resolutions which the Xbox One doesn't support due to motion blur. This may be referring to LCD/LED screens that aren't meant to do interlaced resolutions. Did you experience any of that?
Comment from : Vinny V

Richard WILSON
I still got my 21” Sony Trinitron which I bought in May 2000, 18 yrs later still going hard with no issue. Nowadays Plasma-LCD-OLED-AMOLED TVs life span are 4 to 6 yrs top..
Comment from : Richard WILSON

Vinny V
My PS3 only has HDMI ports, will this work for it as well? Also, I'm not sure if my CRT does 1080p and may only be a 60hz monitor so will this be an issue? I don't wanna risk damaging my CRT.

(EDIT) My PS3 does have an AV port and I recently got a component cable. Also my CRT is a SD 4:3 and only displays 576i for my PS3 and works fine. Progressive resolutions (480p, 720p etc) don't work though since all if not, most CRTs including HD CRT can only do interlaced resolutions.

As for the HD FURY, it seems to be non-existant on the store.

Comment from : Vinny V

Doesn't your Sony CRT HDTV have an HDMI input? I know some units have either HDMI in or DVI-HDTV in.
Comment from : Xerxes1688

9 months have passed and i will tell you this...i got myself a 14 inch toshiba, which is really good, doesn't have a hdmi port but oh well, can't find one that isn't on the side of the road that has one with the power cord cut off,

but i'm getting away from the subjet, that toshiba, she is heavy but heavy enough to be worth her quality not just on visual but also on audio, those time were audio quality was good on those tv's are sadly gone

Comment from : jackthegamer

THE Brummiegamer
this guy is an idiot
Comment from : THE Brummiegamer

colors on crt are so much better than lcd
Comment from : Antimage

There's no way that's the fucking dogs life OST. I thought I was the only one who's in love with that soundtrack.
Comment from : Byrne

their warmth will save you alot in the winter times
Comment from : TreeMobile.

Also crts doesnt bleed like these new tvs
Comment from : steviecudder45

Insert clickbait Title
Plugs into crt.”next gen” consoles
Comment from : Insert clickbait Title

Robert Bell
Wow a nex gen xbox one on a old fashion tv i did that with ps3 and the graphics looked like shit.Glad i got a 43" flat screen 1080p tv.Fuck then old tv's
Comment from : Robert Bell

Denver Naicker
would it be possible to compare crt with plasma tvs in terms of colour quality and interlacing?
Comment from : Denver Naicker

Shea Flood
great vid
Comment from : Shea Flood

That's a Super Fine Pitch... I have a Hi-Scan (slightly older) and even that has HDMI... (also component isn't RGB)
Comment from : Pk11

chunky boy
Crt sucks in 2018
Comment from : chunky boy

Super Eurobeet
that's the music from dogs life
edit, i was right

Comment from : Super Eurobeet

bruce longenecker
I'm not sure what this adapter does but Samsung had an HD crt slim TV that came out about the same time as the Ps3. It had hdmi in the back. It only did 720-1080i. But there was no need for adapters.
Comment from : bruce longenecker

William McCormack
what a tool
Comment from : William McCormack

I also love the CRT experience, but space is the issue...in fact, I dumped 5 , Hd CRTs last June from my classroom to make more space.
Comment from : Mr. SEA

Xavery B.
Well, you didn't need expensive HD-fury, there are plenty hdmi->VGA converters. I'm pretty sure that set you presented has natively VGA input. HD-fury is MAYBE needed for >some< [not every] CRT-projectors, but not even then, since you can convert VGA to separate RGB, and Composite-sync line. HD fury imho is overpriced thing.
Comment from : Xavery B.

The Dub King
Glad i noticed you had the dogs life music playing
Comment from : The Dub King

So what if I use a Xbox x
Comment from : hitime1234

Dustin Lewis
This guys the definition of a queef
Comment from : Dustin Lewis

gotta love the dogs life music
Comment from : Foas

Scott Brady
CRT screens usually have much lower resolutions compared to HDTV’s (especially new 4K ones) and have really bad flickering screen, why would you wanna play “Next Gen” on that?
Comment from : Scott Brady

Any input lag? On the ps4
Comment from : TheLMJVG

My mind is not "blown"....these old fashioned tube televisions are not totally worthless because they CAN be used, they are just obsolete. Compared to a modern television or monitor which is much cheaper to manufacture, lasts much MUCH longer, uses digital formats compared to old analogs invented many decades ago, weigh a small fraction, are capable of much much larger resolution and sizes, and not to mention the efficiency and lower power and maintenance costs makes those old fashioned televisions OBSOLETE
Comment from : stephenmartinez1

I've always been playing my Xbox one on a crt
Comment from : Mike

What is the power and frequency of your country? What is the frequency of that TV?
Comment from : thefinestofthetime

Cynical Sheep
It costs over $100 for this video cable.
Comment from : Cynical Sheep

Nice! My Sony Bravia crt has an hdmi input. Need to take it out of storage!
Comment from : Alcrats

Mus T
I used to play ps3 on a CRT. When we got a new LCD, i kept using the component cable until i realised why it said 576p. So i got a hdmi cable and finally, i say 1080p ps3.
Comment from : Mus T

I actually had a panasonic 34 inch crt with hdmi in with 1080i resolution
Comment from : Bytoven

Thanks so much Green Ham Gaming for inspiring me to own one of these amazing TVs
Comment from : Ramsom

Jordan Gates
Will it work on a 4:3 component tv?
Comment from : Jordan Gates

am i hearing dogs life big field in the backround i can already tell you had a great childhood
Comment from : Lumia

anonymous guy
An HD CRT is in no way mindblowing. Play that shit on an old portable black and white tv
Comment from : anonymous guy

Isadore Weiss
i have an hd sony wega trinitron too, but mine is hdmi ready
Comment from : Isadore Weiss

Cheater caught


Comment from : Therealstreetpirate

John Isaac Calderon
Speaking of Fallout 4 ; It wasn't Codsworth that messed up the game, it was the Vault-Tec rep that sent the coodinates...
Comment from : John Isaac Calderon

Cliff Worley
Green Ham- do you have any suggestions for running original xbox to vga monitor? Thank you- great vids👍🏻
Comment from : Cliff Worley

enzo esposito
Halo looks so beautiful on crt tv, thank you so much for sharing this i didnt know games could still be that cool
Comment from : enzo esposito

Lawrence McLane
I've got a Sony WEGA KD-34XBR960 with a native Hdmi.
Comment from : Lawrence McLane

Joseph Lopatniuk-Lopez
My sony wega has a hdmi port :/
Comment from : Joseph Lopatniuk-Lopez

if you want a tv that can do component but doesn't care if its only 4:3 ratio well go grab an rca truflat tv, they are pretty common and tend to be really cheap to be honest
Comment from : jackthegamer

You look like Shailene Woodley and Trent Reznor's 8 year old son. Good video tho
Comment from : MrNewbhero

Brynnon D.
My great grandma had a crt tv that was going to the dump and it actually had a hdmi port on it
Comment from : Brynnon D.

ITS CALLED A HARLYQUIN TO ME!!! not green box, Harlyquin cx
Comment from : Hacks509

also graphics doesn't matter if better graphics mean slower framerate
Comment from : jackthegamer

just look for games that have a component cables and if you find one that as it well you're golden cause with those you get the best of the screen quality and let's be honest if you like you're retro console well you will enjoy having them producing excellent sound if you put the composite into a composite to component converter or hdmi box hehe

i instead for one with just composite and s-video...which is already good enough cause they are still made !

Comment from : jackthegamer

Your videos always sease to amaze me keep it up tim
Comment from : Drevilsgaming

John Hodges
In the age of Drumpf and Brexit the following comment might not have much impact upon you kid, but simply put, you're daft.
Comment from : John Hodges

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